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Who We Are?

Short Bridge Funding is an alternative small business loan and equipment leasing brokerage who is fully committed to helping small business owners thrive by helping with any of their financial needs.

Short bridge serves the small business community nationwide by offering a range of financial services and products. We understand business owners are sometimes in need of money quickly, so we specialize in alternative lending where there isn’t as stringent of guidelines to get an approval as there are at a bank with a very quick turn around, sometimes getting you approved and funded in as little as two days. We require minimal paperwork and many times not even a credit check as your credit score isn’t the determining factor in the approval process rather its the strength of the business, more specifically your gross annual revenue, time in business and the return on investment on the funds. These factors will determine the terms and cost of the loan which is generally 6 to 18 months with the opportunity to refinance and receive more money at longer terms.

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Why Choose Us?

Short Bridge prides ourselves on being upfront and honest with our clients as our biggest concern is their success. We’re a team who have previously worked at other firms, understood the problems with the process and have come together to streamline and shake up the industry. Usually when working with a direct short term lender they approach you with a one size fits all approach. What that means is they will attempt to only lend you their own money regardless of industry, amount and need, which are underwriting requirements each lender takes into consideration to reach an approval. So one company may deem the money being lent for a particular small business a lot more risky than a competitor and will charge a higher premium who than will incentivize their salesman to sell that product by giving them free reign on how much more they can charge to increase the commission they make on the deal.

The difference here at Short Bridge is that we are super brokers that will tailor to your specific needs. We have made many partnerships with different lenders who specialize in a wide range of industries and specifications. It is our goal to match you to the correct lender that will offer the best possible term and price for your business and situation. One of the greatest advantages of working with us as well is you can rest assured we aren’t tacking on any additional fees like other salesmen as we have set deals in place with the lender and are paid directly by them. 
There are no cost or obligations and we may be able to get approved with no credit check at all, so put in your information and connect with one of our executives today!


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