Short Bridge Funding

Small Business Loans

Funding a small business is a big deal.

We make getting loans fast, personalized and easy.

Ready To Move Your Business Forward?

3 easy steps to get funded

Two young man architect on a building construction site
Quick Approvals

Receive an approval within 24-48 hours

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Minimal Paperwork 

No Fees or Obligation

Submit info or call in to speak to a loan specialist

Get Funded

Receive the money in your account the next day

Fields of expertise


-Bridge funds for your next project

-Buy new equipment

-General working capital 


-Renovate your space

– Open another location

-Buy new equipment or license


-Money for inventory

-Invest in Marketing Campaigns

-open another location

Trucking and Logistics

-Money to repair your vehicle

-Buy a new truck

-Hire a new driver

Medical Practice

-Buy New equipment

-Open a 2nd practice

Tax Issues

-Funds to pay past due bills

How to Apply

Applying for a small business loan is easy.
With $100,000 in annual sales and a year in business, the process is simple:

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